Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kuch Lamhe Zindagi Ke - Shayari From Love104

Kuch Lamhe Zindagi Ke - Shayari From Love104

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Kuch Lamhe Zindagi Ke

Posted: 29 Dec 2010 07:50 AM PST

Kuch Lamhe Zindagi Ke Reh Gaye Unke Paas Udhaar. Jaane Kya Waqt Tha Woh Har Jagah Nazar Aata Tha Unka Pyaar. Ab Us Udhaar Par Chadh Raha Hai Yaadon Ka Byaaj Ab Bhi Duniya Chhod Dein Hum, Agar Mil Jaaye Humein Woh Aaj. Related Posts:Usko bhi mujhse pyar to hai….Funny Photos of People Taking PicturesKash [...]

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